Royal Parties is the ultimate children’s party entertainment experience. We offer a range of different party packages to suit every occasion. Your chosen character will come fully equipped to entertain your party for 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your requirement. Your child will be propelled into a magical world filled with games, fairy dust, story time, dancing, glitter tattoos and much, much more.

Royal Parties travels by fairy dust and providing princess parties in a wide range of areas – Greater London, Central London, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

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Rapunzel Princess Party

Rapunzel Princess Party

Rapunzel is the lost Princess.  Stolen by the wicked Mother Gothel at birth because of the magical youth restoring powers that her hair holds, Rapunzel is kept in Mother Gothel’s tower.  Rapunzel, with her beautiful, long tresses, longs to experience the world outside.  With the help of Flynn Rider, she finally makes it back to her family, the King and Queen.  Rapunzel will arrive at your child’s party full of fun and energy.
Your Rapunzel princess party will include: